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Today's development

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The development of hardware industry is very fast. The most concentrated domestic markets of traditional hardware industry are mainly concentrated in mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decoration hardware and daily hardware. The trend of hardware industry concentration is also obvious. Domestic hardware industry is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and other economically developed provinces and regions. Traditional hardware enterprise products are relatively simple, many enterprises only provide other manufacturing enterprises with accessories and accessories. They have a strong dependence on manufacturing enterprises and slow response to market demand. Traditional hardware enterprises do not pay attention to the R & D of new products and market extension, resulting in the lack of sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. In the face of more and more professional market demand and more and more fierce competition, many hardware enterprises with rapid development in the initial stage feel powerless in the follow-up.

How to make enterprises have sustainable competitiveness is a topic that many hardware enterprises are thinking about. As a result, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing" has been gradually mentioned by the enterprise and experts in the hardware industry on various occasions, and the voice of integrating the hardware manufacturing industry is also growing. Hardware industry is mainly through the change of physical shape of metal raw materials, processing and assembly, and then become products. As long as one by one metal parts assembly as the main process of the industrial field belongs to the category of hardware industry. If we expand the concept of hardware manufacturing to the whole manufacturing field, and consider the development of hardware industry from the height of manufacturing industry, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing industry" is born from this: from the processing of metal materials to the manufacturing of primary metal products to the manufacturing of general production equipment, and then to the manufacturing of special equipment in various industries of the national economy, this is the birth of the whole industrial chain Production activities, can be called "big hardware manufacturing.".

In areas where the hardware industry is concentrated, such as Yongkang in Zhejiang, Foshan in Guangdong, Zhongshan and other places, the traditional hardware production enterprises gradually realize forward and backward integration. Originally only producing hardware spare parts manufacturers also set foot in the manufacture of large-scale machinery and equipment. Generally, enterprises in a region have also realized the strategic integration from raw material processing to spare parts supply to finished product manufacturing. Hardware manufacturing enterprises are also more

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